Divorce and your credit how to repair northwest credit center

Best practices for repairing credit after divorce


If you’re going through a separation, you don’t need us to tell you how emotionally draining the process is. Unfortunately, it can also drain your finances, with some divorces resulting in a double-digit credit score drop for one or both partners. Either way your credit score may take a toll.
Why is that? Well, while divorce doesn’t directly impact your credit score, the indirect ramifications are nonetheless significant. The sudden shakeup of your personal life and decrease in income may result in you being unable to pay your bills, your ex-spouse may be unable or unwilling to pay joint bills, and/or the divorce expenses may prove too great a burden.
There’s no need to let your tarnished credit hinder you from securing the loan you need however. At NorthWest Credit Center, we endeavor to streamline the process and match you with a lender/dealer that sees you as more than your score. We also have relationships with networks of auto dealers to get you the best fleet discount pricing.
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